ORIGINAL WORKS (Please send me an email if you would like a score)

Stamina - Concerto for Horn with Percussion Quartet - 13:00

S(o/u)nder - Tabla Concerto with Percussion Quartet - 5:00

(Un)becoming for Brass Quintet - 5:00

Study as Triptych for Percussion Trio - 8:00

Wherewithal (Interior/Exterior) for Trumpet and Electronics - 7:00

Gravity for Wind Octet - c. 7:00

Blue Collage for Fixed Media - 5:00

dReams for Fixed Media - 5:00

Shared Experience for Fixed Media - 5:00

Enrichment: Ponder or Panic for Solo Bassoon - c. 3:00

Dimensions for Chamber Orchestra - c. 5:00

mechanics to wit for Piano Solo with Fixed Media - c. 4:30

embalmed, enshrined, or cast out among for Solo Cello - c. 3:30

BeltLine Aviary for Flute and Percussion - c. 25 min.

Cynomys: on Distraction for Alto Saxophone and Percussion - c. 4:00

Elusive Lattice Complex for Pierrot Ensemble + Percussion - c. 9 min

Riftsmith for String Quartet - c. 8 min.

New Number for Woodwind Quintet and Percussion - c. 3 min.

The Straight and Narrow for Snare Drum Solo - c. 3 min

Sisyphus for Flute Duo - c. 3 min

Michael Standard - Elusive Lattice Complex Flute: Anastasiya Patrusheva Oboe: Carolyn Johnston Viola: Ian Smith Cello: Demetre Manhertz Piano: Alexander Claussen Percussion: Taylor Poole Conductor: Lanae Dickstein Program notes: When learning a new skill or system, there is a period where understanding seems impossible- where one stands at the precipice of a new mental life.