This page contains selected works and their respective ensembles. Feel free to check out the videos below, and contact me for scores.





mechanics to wit for Piano Solo with Fixed Media - c. 4:30


embalmed, enshrined, or cast out among for Solo Cello - c. 3:30





BeltLine Aviary for Flute and Percussion - c. 25 min.

Cynomys: on Distraction for Alto Saxophone and Percussion - c. 4:00

Elusive Lattice Complex for Pierrot Ensemble + Percussion - c. 9 min



Riftsmith for String Quartet - c. 8 min.



New Number for Woodwind Quintet and Percussion - c. 3 min.

The Straight and Narrow for Snare Drum Solo - c. 3 min


Sisyphus for Flute Duo - c. 3 min

Michael Standard - Elusive Lattice Complex Flute: Anastasiya Patrusheva Oboe: Carolyn Johnston Viola: Ian Smith Cello: Demetre Manhertz Piano: Alexander Claussen Percussion: Taylor Poole Conductor: Lanae Dickstein Program notes: When learning a new skill or system, there is a period where understanding seems impossible- where one stands at the precipice of a new mental life.